Lucky Devil Electric


Lucky Devil Electric Kitchen Remodel

They don’t make them like they used to, so we strive to put the labor and integrity into every job we do in a way that not only makes our client’s proud of their home, but in a way that blends seamlessly with the original design. Whether it’s changing one outlet or the entire service panel, we’re there to make sure that it’s more than a house, it’s your home.



Commercial Electrical Work

We sincerely appreciate what it means to build a business no matter how large or small the company. Specialty lighting, new circuits, POS systems, and installing equipment specific to your small business needs are just a few of the many aspects of the commercial work we take on. Let us help your business grow.


Specialty Services

Got a specialty project in mind and you’re not sure it’s something we do, just call; you’ll be surprised at what we can do for you. Whether it’s custom work, solar power, green houses, automation, smart technology, generators, critical load panels, letters for insurance or a home sale, inspections, pool equipment, or rebuilding lamps, the list is constantly growing.




The Shore Isles neighborhood blog recommended The Lucky Devil Electric Company and I am glad they did. David was so pleasant and so determined to solve an outdoor wiring puzzle. He did a great job, was very informative and responsive and the price was right. I have a few more electrical needs and will only use The Lucky Devil going forward. His lovely wife was always very pleasant and responsive on the phone also.

~ Carolynn M.

We have hired Lucky Devil for our electrical needs twice, and won’t hesitate to recommend them to friends. Owner David LeVesque is exceedingly respectful and accommodating to his customers, and we feel assured that our old wiring has been thoroughly checked out and improved by the time he leaves. When you own an old house, this could be your biggest concern. We do have an electrician in the family — too far from us to do our electrical work — so hiring Lucky Devil is the next best thing!

~ James H.

My multiple dealings with Lucky Devil have made me recognize them as one of the best companies I have utilized. Being in real estate, I use them often.

~ Jim B.

I recommend you to all my friends, extremely reliable, fast and genuine good people.

~ Becky W.