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A Guide to Backyard Lighting

Keep your parties going until you drop by incorporating some outdoor lighting into your backyard setup!

Understanding Your Panel

We’re here to do away with the mystery surrounding your panel, starting with talking a little about breakers. What are they, how do they work, and how should you deal with them? Let’s dive in!

Are You Prepped for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season ’18 starts next Friday, June first, and if these past few days of solid downpour have been any indication, we’d better buckle up for some interesting weather patterns this summer and fall. New to the area? Confused about conflicting information you’ve heard over the years? Don’t despair! Here’s everything you need in order to be prepped, safe, and ready to split on the off chance we experience Hurricane …

How to Choose the Right Extension Cord

Do yourself a favor and read through this list of cord types and their best uses before making your home, Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, or non-denominational holiday foliage arrangement sparkle.

Spooky Lighting for Halloween

Lighting plays a huge part in setting the mood for any event or holiday, but it’s especially important on Halloween when we celebrate all the things that go bump in the night. How can you replicate scary movie light schemes at home without a Hollywood budget? Allow us to demonstrate…

Is It Time to Ditch Your Damaged Chargers?

Chargers definitely have a finite lifespan, so the questions we should be asking here are “When do I know when to toss my charger and get a new one? When is it actually dangerous to keep charging my stuff with it?” Friends, allow us to shed some light on the mystery.

Make the Switch!

They’re something you never really think about, but you use them every day. Have you taken a look at your light switches lately? Chances are you, like most other people, probably haven’t. Considering the sheer number of lighting options that have cropped up in the past few years, this is a missed opportunity to modernize your living space for relatively cheap! Check out the options below to figure out which …

How to Take Advantage of Solar Energy Tech (on the Cheap)

How can you incorporate solar panels into your daily life without dealing with the cost of installing full-sized panels onto your roof? Easy! Think smaller. Here’s a list of solar-powered gadgets you can use to take your home into the future without racking up your electric bill.

D.I….Why isn’t this working?

Some things you can D.I.Y. easily. That table you thrifted that you’re sure you’d love if only it was a different color? Search Pinterest for inspiration, sand that sucker down, and slap some paint on it! Job done, you’ve saved a few bucks, and everyone is happy. But let’s face it – there are some things that you just need to hire a professional for, especially when it comes to …