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Current Events: Turns Out Money CAN Buy Happiness!

Current Events: Turns Out Money CAN Buy Happiness!

By Victoria Figueiredo

But only if you spend it on services you can’t or don’t want to perform yourself. Researchers with Harvard and the University of British Columbia surveyed a bunch of people and figured out that if you spend some of your disposable income on hiring people to do the chores you hate most – think cleaning, cooking, mowing the lawn, electric work, etc. – you’ll actually find yourself less stressed out, happier, and less likely to say things like “there’s not enough time in the day!”

What can you gather from this? Start spending money on things that will improve your days! Try out a meal-subscription service to cut down on cooking time, pay your local teenage entrepreneur to do your yard work, or hire Lucky Devil to take care of that fan installation you’ve been meaning to tackle the past few weekends.

Our technicians are more than happy to step in and repair your outlets, install new lines for appliances, whatever you’ve been meaning to do (or think you should do, but really you shouldn’t). Really, we’ve got it covered. Buy your happiness, folks! Science says you should!

Want to check out the article/study results for yourself? Here’s where to read all about it!

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