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How Lutron Can Help You Bring Unexpected Color into Your Space

How Lutron Can Help You Bring Unexpected Color into Your Space

Is there anything more banal than a plain white outlet cover? They bring no joy, no excitement, they’re just there to make sure everything looks safe and put together. We wouldn’t blame you for A) not really regarding your outlets beyond plugging something in and B) assuming the situation is what it is. People of the Internet, we’re here to tell you your outlets can do more! Be more! They can add a pop of color and a jolt of happiness to your rooms! They can be COLORFUL. And we don’t mean colorful like the dinosaur switch plate you put in your five-year-old’s room. We’re talking cool, sleek, contemporary hues that will add to your design scheme without distracting from more important things. How can you achieve this level of detail? Just ask Lutron!

You can order dimmers, switches, fan-speed controls, receptacles, GFCIs, phone jacks, cable TV jacks, AND wallplates in any of these colors, plus others if you go for a gloss finish instead of satin.

Need ideas on how to incorporate colorful faceplates into your home décor? Easy – pick a color that blends in with your wall! Pick a complementary color that adds a cool accent! Use primary cool tones on white walls for a funky eye-catcher! Embrace the color and spice up your outlet needs!

Know of any other cool ways to change up your outlet covers? Let us know in the comments!

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