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How to Child-Proof Your Home (Electrically!)

How to Child-Proof Your Home (Electrically!)

By Victoria Figueiredo

If you’ve recently acquired a new addition to your family, you’re likely going through that paranoid, over-protective phase of parenthood that drives you to tie up every cord on every window blind, lock every cabinet, and scour Pinterest for parenting hacks you might have missed when you were doing the same thing the night before. We salute you. We also acknowledge that your insanity isn’t totally baseless. We’re here to help! Read on to learn the top 3 ways to baby-, child-, and pet-proof your home from electrical hazards.

1. Start with the obvious – Outlet Covers!

Outlet Cover

Whether you choose to go with the kind that lock in, the kind that just pop on, special “safe plate” outlets, or whatever else, make sure you cover every outlet that your child will be able to reach based on their developmental stage. Leave no stone un-turned – under desks and tables, behind furniture, near the play areas – cover each outlet if only for your peace of mind. Why bother? Babies love to explore, and that means getting into some less than desirable situations. Think sticking keys, forks, butter knives, paperclips, scissors, etc. into outlets just to see what happens. The electric shock may not seriously injure your offspring, but it will set off the kind of screams that will haunt you in your sleep. Just cover your outlets. Want to learn more about your outlet situation? We’ve got you covered there too.

2. Hide cables and plugs


A similar hazard to the first item on our list! Cables and plugs left laying around can easily become something your baby is dying to play with. Not only are cables and cords a choking hazard – they can also electrocute your kid if they decide to bite one, cut one open, rip one, or otherwise mistreat them while they’re plugged in. Even when unplugged, damage to cables caused by babies and toddlers can be a real hazard when you try to plug them back in. You might get a shock, the outlet might spark, or you might start a fire. Use cable covers to hide visible cables, remember to pick up your chargers when they’re not in use, and try to keep cables for lamps, televisions, etc. out of view by running them behind and under furniture.

3. Keep appliances, tools, and devices unplugged and out of reach


Power tools, blow dryers, hair curlers, electric clippers, toasters, electric kettles, paper shredders, or any other miscellaneous object of potential destruction should be unplugged and stowed away, out of reach of tiny little baby hands. For the same reason you should hide and store your household cables, you should put away your appliances and tools. Besides that, appliances doing their normal jobs can be really dangerous in the hands of a child! Paper shredders are handy and everything, but it won’t feel that way when you’re rushing your kid to the ER after you forgot to unplug it. Kids are weird and curious – don’t underestimate their ability to cause bodily harm with seemingly innocuous objects!

Unless your child is exceptionally tall, deviously-minded, and/or dexterous, these three items are the only things you really need to worry about! Beyond that, we recommend you use your best judgement and trust your instincts. Parenting can be scary, but you’ve got it under control! Have questions? Need more guidance? Give the Lucky Devil team a call! We’re happy to help, co-parent, talk you off a ledge – whatever you need!


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