Lucky Devil Electric

In-Floor Receptacles

Floor outlets are a great way to take your home from ho-hum to custom.  These outlets are fantastic for large rooms.  The homeowners have a lovely large living room with several seating areas.  One of the seating areas was right in the middle of the room.  The clients wanted reading lamps near their couches but did not want the eyesore or tripping hazard associated with extension cords.  We don’t blame them!  A floor outlet next to the seating area allows local power with minimal cord length.  And just in case you’re leery of your beautiful floors being damaged, we take the utmost care in protecting your home – floors are covered and protected at all times.

Some other fantastic uses for floor outlets:

Flexibility!  The ability to rearrange your furniture, seating areas, etc. while still having easy access to electricity.  Perfect if you like to rearrange your home often or do so for large gatherings and parties.  Entertain away!

Holidays!  When you deck your halls your Christmas tree is usually confined to the nearest wall outlet.  With a floor outlet, you can let your tree take center stage in the middle of your room; giving you a 360 degree view of the Holiday magic.  We love the idea of the tree being a focal point for you and your family.  No reason to push it up against the wall, let it shine bright!

A Better Work Space!  Have a beautiful desk you’d like to showcase?  Or maybe you just don’t like the claustrophobia you can get from sitting at your desk pushed right against the wall.  Floor outlets make it possible to push that desk in the center of the room, giving you more room and a more airy feel as you sit and work.

The possibilities are endless and the uses are limited only by your own imagination.  Let your home suite your needs.  Custom floor outlets can take you there.



Floor outlets are a great way to take your home from ho-hum to custom. These outlets are fantastic for large rooms. Vanessa