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“Smart” Gifts for Everyone on Your List

“Smart” Gifts for Everyone on Your List

By Victoria Figueiredo

Are you ready to hear about an annual tragedy that we all like to ignore? You sure? Okay. It’s the stuffed bears holding hearts, the boxes of gross chocolates we pretend to crave, the tacky heart-shaped jewelry, the ill-advised perfume, and the overcooked steak dinner for two. Yes, all the Valentine’s Day presents our relationship-obsessed culture pushes on us. All of them are underwhelming, end up in the trash by St. Patrick’s Day, and worst of all, they’re boring. Even if you’ve already paid a hasty visit to your local jewelry store, don’t despair! We’re here to offer solutions, but you absolutely must put down the singing card first. Thank you. Let’s begin:

  1. Flowers on Demand

For the traditionalist, flowers are always a great gift. Simple, thoughtful, and (if you do it right) they’ll start to wilt just before your cutie gets bored of looking at them. Do us all a favor and skip the Trader Joe’s floral section. Hit up websites like BloomThat instead! Choose any of a wide variety of beautiful modern arrangements and have your bouquet same-day delivered anywhere you like – or wherever your Valentine will least expect it.

  1. Prynt Phone Case

How many cute selfies are you planning on taking while you sweep your S.O. away on an ultra-romantic date this year? How many of those will be trapped in your phone forever? Our guess is all of them, even the frame-worthy ones. Bummer, unless you think ahead and gift your honey (or yourself, we’re not here to judge) a Prynt case. Print any photo off your phone and get ready to enjoy your sweet li’l mugs IRL for years to come!

  1. Tile Mate

If your partner tends to be a little or a lot scatterbrained, this one’s for you! Invest in a Tile Mate (or maybe a few, if you really want to save your sanity) that your Valentine can attach to literally anything they want to keep track of. Just don’t be surprised if you find one attached to your shoes or something – people who give this as a gift are generally people you don’t want to lose.

  1. Click & Grow Smart Garden

Give the gift of fresh herbage this year – especially if you’re in love with a wannabe gardener who’s trapped in a yard-free living situation or a habitual plant killer. We all know one. Click and Grow’s Smart Garden gives you everything you’ll need to grow herbs and small plants anywhere you like, even if you have limited natural light! Prepare for a bounty of fresh ingredients and unlimited thank-you dinners.

  1. Aera Smart Fragrance

There’s never been a better time to jump on the essential oil bandwagon! Aera’s Smart Diffuser Set makes it simple to ~set the mood~ with easy-to-use diffusers and scents with names like “Moondance,” “Indigo,” and “Poetry.” Best of all, they’re having a sale for Valentine’s Day! Run, don’t walk, to their site and snag the best gift of all for the natural b in your life.

  1. Amazon Kindle

If you’ve never used a Kindle before, let us save you the mystery. Thousands upon thousands of books right at your fingertips, with none of the back strain associated with trying to carry thousands upon thousands of books on your back. Sounds good, huh? Load it up with romance novels if you’re really trying to drive the point home for your probably-bespectacled bookworm friend, lover, or spouse.

That’s it! Quick and painless, wasn’t it? You’re welcome. Did we miss a great gift opportunity? Let us know in the comments!

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