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The DIY-er’s Gift Guide

The DIY-er’s Gift Guide

This time of year, gift guides abound. You can’t go on any website without being bombarded with present ideas for your mom, your brother-in-law, the guy you started dating two weeks before Christmas, your employer’s kids, etc. etc. so on and so forth. It’s simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. In any case, we’re adding another super-specific category to your shopping list (sorry not sorry). This one’s for the home improvement guru in your life, the person you can always count on to say “don’t pay somebody to do that! I have a screwdriver and a spackle knife!” The chronic DIYer can be a dangerous friend to have sometimes, but they still deserve a gift for their year-round home improvement efforts. Here’s five gifts you can be sure will delight and inspire them:

  1. A Fresh Toolbox

Sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that get the best reactions. If your friendly neighborhood DIY guru is operating out of a tote bag or a particularly beat-up tool box, be the one to replace it for them! Toolboxes are one of those things that you just never get around to buying for yourself, never mind buy anything beyond what you think fits your current needs. The problem? Plastic boxes just don’t last very long and any committed handy person will definitely outgrow their current organization system. The solution? You and your practical-minded gift buying tendencies. Our pick is a Craftsman four-drawer toolbox, which has enough room to store current and future power tools as well as roomy compartments for the little odds and ends that get lost if they’re not corralled into their own designated spaces. The metal construction is sure to last a lifetime, the price tag isn’t absurd, and you can even lock it up if you want! What a dreamboat.

  1. A Set of Insulated Screwdrivers

Is your eager drill-wielding friend a little clumsy? Swap out their mismatched screwdrivers for a brand new, insulated set that will keep them safe even when they slip up. Shock-proof and they have magnetic tips! What more could you want? Get these from ML Tools on Amazon for the cost of a good bottle of wine.

  1. A Sturdy Multi-tool

For handy people who often find themselves on the go, a stainless steel multi-tool is the ideal present. All in one pretty little package, supplied by Leatherman in our case, they’ll have a knife, ruler, screwdriver (Philips and flat head, thank you very much), wire cutters, scissors – like a tool box in your pocket! You can bet they’ll smile and think of you every time their new gadget gets them out of a jam. You can’t put a price on that kind of happiness! Just kidding, it’s $35.

  1. A Basic Multimeter

If the person that came to mind when you saw the title of this post fancies themselves an armchair electrician, boy do we have the perfect gift idea for you! A multimeter will let your loved one explore electrical issues safely and will make them feel very important when they whip out their new toy for a neighbor in need. We recommend a basic model that totals about $12 – anything more than that is paying for bells and whistles that the average DIYer won’t have any use for.

  1. A Good Tape Measure

This one’s more of a stocking stuffer, but it’s a great gift nevertheless – especially for young DIYers that are just starting to show an interest in hands-on projects. A really good tape measure is an indispensable tool in any handy person’s arsenal. Look for models with a sturdy body made of solid metal or rubber-protected plastic, auto-retracting abilities, and a locking mechanism. Size is up to you, but we like to think that bigger is better in this case. If you spring for the 30-foot size, your tape-measure-recipient will never lack the ability to measure twice and cut once, unless they suddenly develop a penchant for constructing life-size dinosaurs or something. In that case, you’re on your own.

Interested in more electric-specific tools you can gift your friends and family? Visit our post on the top ten tools you should have in your DIY kit! Did we miss out on a great gift-giving opportunity? Tell us all about it in the comments section!


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