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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Read This Post and Figure It Out!

By Victoria Figueiredo

Sometimes, we get calls that we can’t do much for beyond telling the caller they should call their energy provider. This can be frustrating for both parties, because of course we’d love nothing more than to help you figure out why you don’t have power, and of course you want your problem fixed right and fixed quick, but the issue falls outside of the homeowner’s responsibility, so we can’t help. We hate turning people away when they’re upset or calling from a dark room, so we thought we’d provide a guide to help you decide whether you should call your power company or your local electrician. Ready? Here we go:


  1. Fallen Power Lines

Call your power company! We don’t have the necessary equipment or permission to repair or tinker with power lines. If you come across a fallen power line anywhere on your property, assume that they are live and maintain a clear distance. If the fallen line is near water, stay away from the water as well since it conducts electricity. Reach your power company immediately and have them come out to take a look and fix what they can.

 service panel

  1. Service Panel Issues

Call Lucky Devil! Or your local electrician if you have the misfortune of living outside of the sunny Tampa Bay area (our sincerest apologies if that’s the case). Service panels fall under the homeowner’s responsibility. These electrical devices contain fuses and circuit breakers that are usually mounted on the wall in basements, utility rooms, and attached garages, so it’s fair game for us to repair them for you.

birds on line

  1. Any High-Voltage Line Issue or Neighborhood-Wide Power Outage

Birds can step on them, but you 100% should not. High-voltage power lines are the responsibility of your power company!! Even if the lines under your home or trailer are corroded and need to be replaced, even if your power company lays lines on the ground between you and your neighbors and says that’s the best they can do (looking at you, Duke Energy), DO NOT TOUCH THOSE LINES! High-voltage power lines are deadly to the touch – that’s why they’re usually up so high that you can only reach them with a cherry picker. We’d love to help you out, but we’re completely unable to do anything about lines that, according to our code, belong to the power company. Same goes for any power outage that hits your whole neighborhood. In that case, you can assume that there is an issue with your power company.

service mast

  1. Basically Anything From the Service Mast to Your Home

The service mast is the pipe-looking thing on the roof of every home that connects your home’s power to the power lines outside. Once the power crosses the service mast, you can give us a call and we can fix anything you need us to. Service panels, outlets, light fixtures, remodeling, re-wiring, or all of the above – we’ve got your back. Any issue that comes up before the lines hit the service mast is the responsibility of your power company.

Hopefully this guide will help you figure out what category your next electrical issue falls under. If you’re having trouble deciding what we can help with versus what your power company should be helping you with, just give us a call! We’re happy to listen to what’s going on and provide the best advice that we can. Our team members and technicians are always ready to lend a helping hand!

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