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Your Guide to Unique Lighting

Your Guide to Unique Lighting

By Victoria Figueiredo

Have you regarded the vertical space in your life lately? Think longitudinally – there’s an entire world of design possibilities just above eye level! Best of all, you don’t even have to limit yourself to walls when it comes to using up that empty space over your head – pendant lights are here to draw the eye up from anywhere on your ceiling you can hang a fixture. Interested? Read on for style ideas, details we love, and all the pendant light info you could ever ask for.

The lowdown:

Pendant lights come in so many styles that you’re almost certain to find one that suits your existing décor. Is your living room an industrial wonderland? Easy. Looking for a vintage feel? Options abound! Here are some of our favorite looks:

  1. Factory-Chic



Bring clean lines and cool metal finishes into your space to complement your existing room-scape. Does your furniture have iron legs or really rad bolt detailing? Find a lamp that echoes the details you love to bring that same feel to the empty space over your couch or to the bare corner that has you stumped. Install, then sit back and watch your room come together in a really satisfying way.

  1. Mid-Century Vibes

If you find yourself on a quest to create your own version of Don Draper’s Manhattan living room (and who isn’t? Talk about iconic) look no further than a cluster of mid-century modern pendants to really bring your room to life. Group a few lamps of one style or, if you’re feeling adventurous, find a few different lights in the same color family and hang them together to illuminate your dining room, your reading nook, or use them in place of a standard overhead lamp!

  1. Rustic Hipster Dreams

If that grouping idea caught your eye but you’re more of a trendy rustic kind of person, you can totally still bring your design scheme together with pendant lights. Slap a few Edison bulbs onto this super cool wooden beam and you’ll have your guests drooling over your ultra-hip taste and very bold choices. We applaud you.

  1. Modern Minimalism

Not a big fan of focal-point-ish lighting? No problem. This sleek mini LED pendant has your back. Line up a few over your kitchen island for a lighting solution that looks clean and current but doesn’t beg to be noticed. Prepare yourself for superior selfie lighting now that you have itty bitty ring lights at your service.

Now that you’re all excited about installing a pendant light in every room of your house, let’s talk logistics. If your ceiling already has a junction box where you want to hang your pendant, you’re halfway there. If it doesn’t, not a huge issue! Call us in to put a new box in right where you want your lights to live. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and get ready to hit refresh on your vertical space!

If you’re renting your place or can’t make little changes like adding junction boxes wherever you want, fear not! Find yourself some cool battery-powered pendant lights instead. They’re out there and offer even more visual interest if you opt for a set with counter-weights or neat pulley systems.

The options don’t stop there – look to pendant lights as an unexpected and inexpensive way to experiment with textiles, bold colors, off-beat finishes, and personal touches that may be too present in any other iteration. Feeling inspired yet?

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